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@Teens: Follow My Facebook

Addiction is just one text away.

Facebook? Twitter? Testing? LOL? The year is 2010. We are living in a world that has a seemingly one-track mind: we must communicate. @teens: follow my facebook takes an in-depth look at the social communication craze that is sweeping the globe. Discover what teens think of this issue, what experts think of teens, and how an obsession with communicating with others can lead to a dangerous addiction that shows no signs of stopping….

Secondary/Youth Category (ages 14-18):
Top Three Documentaries:
1st place award: @ Teens Follow My Facebook
2nd place award: Lake Memories
3rd place award: Walk’in Our Shoes

Submission Category : Secondary/Youth (ages 14-18)
Awards :
1st Place : Best Documentaries

Submission Year : 2010
Duration : 13:02 (minutes & secs)
Director : Corey Stanton


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