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Shielded Minds

There is nothing more powerfull than the force of truth, once the truth comes out there is no stopping it.

A spring break journey across the Canadian Shield brings aboriginal and non-aboriginal youth face to face with a native Canada of strength and struggle.  The road trip which takes them from what they know, across frozen lakes and through big citieis, leave the youth with a new appreciation for their Canadian roots and for Aboriginal Canada.  An impassioned search for Canadian identity by these students makes the promise of reconciliation in Canada an imminent reality.

All Inclusive Category (no age restriction)
Top Three Documentaries:
1st place award: Shielded Minds
2nd place award: In My Shoes
3rd place award: King

Best Editor: Shielded Minds

Submission Category : All Inclusive
Awards :
1st Place : Best Editing
1st Place : Best Documentaries

Submission Year : 2010
Duration : 32:00
Director : David Fradkin


Premiere Funder